Our team at Glaze Construction Ltd. will design, fabricate and install your custom glass project. With a wide array of colors, tints and finishes we can accommodate any vision. Glass applications include, amongst an infinite range of possibilities: interior and exterior railings, counter tops, partition or accent walls and commercial store front systems. Simply visit our portfolio to see numerous application possibilities.

Our vision reflects our work through kitchen or bathroom counter tops, walls, glass panels and shower enclosures. Glaze Construction Ltd’s shower enclosure projects are designed, manufactured and installed to our client’s discerning taste. At Glaze Construction Ltd. we use the finest materials and finishes in all aspects of your project, finished with high-end quality applicable hardware. Our modular glass projects offer flexibility, creative planning and innovative design styles. We offer open-inviting options or floor to ceiling privacy modular applications as well as kitchen and bath solutions.

Glaze Construction Ltd. offers quality stainless steel applications, customized to our client’s design. Glaze Construction Ltd. is Chicago’s go-to place for stunning showcase stairs and railings. By creating focal point staircases we allow the stairs to introduce the language and aesthetic of the home. We are known for our wide variation of railing designs, allowing clients to bring their design to life. We use only top of the line steel reinforced and welded in-house. Glaze Construction Ltd. guarantees to exceed your expectations with our steel work.

Glaze Construction Ltd. closely cooperates with LED Innovation.

LED Innovation Corp. offers the latest and best technologies, to provide our clients with exceptional results. You would be amazed how our technology can improve and change your life! Starting with making your home or project “smart” with the most advanced home automation solutions, "safe" by using our great security systems and finally “green” with the most sophisticated LED lights technology. LED Innovation Corp. can prove you how easy is to control the whole automation such as audio-video, HVAC, lights, blinds and much more, simply by pressing one button.

We believe that technology is the key to success; therefore, while working with you on finding the right solutions using the highly developed technologies to get the most amazing results and simply succeed.

In cooperation, we work to bring the clients the highest quality products available in order to exceed expectations in quality, aesthetics, and design. Together we offer innovative technique to bring alive the vision of the client in the most effective and creative manner possible.